The Foundation

History of Foundation Carlo Battaglia

The Foundation Carlo Battaglia was established in 2012 and obtained by the Prefecture of Rome - Local Government - legal recognition (Presidential Decree no. 10 February 2000). It is registered in the Register of Legal Entities since June 26, 2013, n. 361/2013. It's ment to promote, develop and coordinate cultural activities to increase the knowledge on Carlo Battaglia poetry and his artistic works (Biography). The Foundation is the natural peak of an activity of archiving, preservation and enhancement of the work of Carlo Battaglia conducted by the wife Carla Panicali that, since the artist's death, has focused on the realization of the catalogue raisonné of the painter.

Management bodies of the Foundation

Administrative Boar

Corrado Rava President Alberto Rava Vice President
Roberto Lambarelli Advisor
Maria Concetta Pirrotta Treasurer

Accountant Antonio Lombardi.
Scientifico BoardCorrado Rava, Alberto Rava, Roberto Lambarelli.
Commission for the authentics: President (Corrado Rava) and the members of the Scientific Board (Corrado Rava, Alberto Rava, Roberto Lambarelli).
Contributors Maria Concetta Pirrotta (secretary and archive documents).

Activities and Services

The Foundation Carlo Battaglia research and collects, for its own library, publications, catalogs and testimony concerning Carlo Battaglia. It cares of the preservation, cataloging and studying documents and archival materials currently existing, to be gradually allocated so to be used by scholars. The Foundation archive includes documentation on the works of abstract and figurative period, photographs, correspondence, exhibition catalogs and auction. It is only available to scholars, by ahead appointment. The Foundation provides support and assistance for the realization of exhibitions, publications and other cultural initiatives aimed for the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on the figure of Carlo Battaglia.

C.F. 97693690584

Catalogue Raisonné

Catalogo Generale di Carlo Battaglia.

The Catalogue Raisonné (1933-2005) is a critical tool for the knowledge, from the Seventies of the Twentieth century, of one of the most important and more present Italian artists. He has been an undisputed star of the so-called "analytical Painting" or "painting Painting", from which he ideally takes the distances to claim some sort of creative solitude, in which the repetitive obsession for the sea, took a single subject of his being a painter, is simultaneously clue and result, cause and product of his work. Edited by Marco Meneguzzo and Simone Pallotta for the Foundation Carlo Battaglia, the catalog includes about four hundred major works - including paintings and large cards - widely illustrated and accompanied by complete critical apparatus.

Available at the Foundation in:  Via G.B. Tiepolo, 4 – 00196 Roma