Writings of Carlo Battaglia


  • Light and its ambiguitiesthe catalog of the exhibition, the Salone Annunciata, Milan.


  • Last summer by the sea …, “Flash Art”, n. 39.


  • How and why they paint,interview on “Data”, n.7/8.
  • Painting in Italy, “Bolaffi Arte”, n.50, June.


  • I want my paintings …, in the exhibition catalog, Palazzo Grassi, Venice.


  • The painting in Italy, “Art Press”, December.


  • Learning is thinking, interview on “Artitudes”, n. 30/32.
  • Dialogue with Filiberto Menna , National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, April.
  • The discipline of painting, in the catalog of the exhibition Chronicle, Modena.
  • The parallel image, Parallel image and other conjectures, Chisel Book, Masnata editions, Genoa.
  • The color, in the exhibition catalog Color, Modigliana.
  • Three questions for the artist, in the exhibition catalog The paint colors, Rome.


  • Answers and questions, in the exhibition catalog, Il Sole Gallery, Bolzano.
  • The word to the artists, in “Qui Arte Contemporanea”, n. 17, June.


  • What thou lovest well is thy true heritage, catalog of the exhibition Toti Scialoja, Editalia Gallery, Rome.


  • Aspects and problems of art. The relationship with tradition, “Notebooks of the Documentation Center of Visual Arts”, Pescara.
  • Presentation of the catalog William Tucker, L’Isola Gallery, Rome.


  • Arshile Gorky al Guggenheim, in “Flash Art”, n. 105.


  • Presentation of the catalog William Tucker , L’Isola Gallery, Rome.


  • Presentation of the catalog Carlo Battaglia, Art Gallery Duchamp, Cagliari.
  • Marginalia, presentation of the catalog Carlo Battaglia, L’Isola Gallery, Rome.


  • Answers to five questions, in March 1979, in The body of the painting – Critics and new painters in Italy from 1972 to 1976, C. Cerritelli, Martano Editore, Turin.


  • Fontana de l’image à l’objet, in the exhibition catalog Lucio Fontana, Center Georges Pompidou, Paris, p. 338.


  • Imbre, De Luca Editore, Rome.
  • The moment of signification, introductory text to the catalog Ugo Mulas, L’Isola Gallery, Rome.


  • If and when and how, published in “Attendance Requirements and Trends in the News”, Prize City Avezzano, Quattro Venti Editore.
  • Which Blue? (April 1988), published on Blau: gedankendämmerungslängs, Kunstverein Heidelberg.


  • Convivio or pictorial offer, (November 1990) in the exhibition catalog Carlo Battaglia, L’Isola Gallery, Rome.
  • Occidet ex templo lumen tenebraeque sequuntur, October.


  • “Iconostasi”, year I, n. 0.


  • Hatches, vents, openings, exhibition catalog Carlo Battaglia, L’Isola Gallery, Rome.


  • Beyond the mirror, exhibition catalog Klamen David, L’Isola Gallery, Rome.


  • Kelly and Johns – a correspondence from New York.


  • “Art and Criticism”, year V, no. 11/12, spring.


  • Two questions to Carlo Battaglia, in “Art Criticism”, n. 24, October-December.


    The General Catalog of Carlo Battaglia (1933-2005) is a fundamental tool for the knowledge of one of the most significant Italian artists, and most present on the Italian cultural scene starting from those seventies of the twentieth century, which saw him as one of the leading artists of the so-called “Analytical Painting”, or “Painting Painting”, from which he also ideally distances himself to claim a sort of creative solitude that lasted another twenty-five years, in which the repetitive obsession of the sea, taken as the sole subject of his being a painter , it is at the same time start and result, cause and end product. Curated by Marco Meneguzzo and Simone Pallotta for the Carlo Battaglia Foundation, the catalog collects about four hundred of the major works – including canvases and large papers -, amply illustrated and accompanied by complete critical apparatus, which also include the reprint of all the most significant written works of the artist, as well as an exhaustive historical critical essay by Marco Meneguzzo.

    Available at the Carlo Battaglia Foundation in:

    Via San Vittore al Teatro 3 

    20123 Milano Italy
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    Via San Vittore al Teatro 3 

    20123 Milano Italy
    TEL. 02 876946